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The composition of ball bearing
Nov 23, 2016
Bearing ball is a kind of rolling bearings, ball bearings in the middle of the inner and outer rims, can withstand a larger load. Also called ball bearings. Bearing ball is mainly composed of four basic components: ball, inner ring, outer ring and Cage is also called Cage. General industrial ball bearings Meet the AISI 52100 standard, the ball and ring is usually made of high chromium steel, Rockwell hardness of about 61-65. And the hardness of the cage is lower than the ball and ring, the material has metal (such as: Medium carbon steel, aluminum alloy) or non-metallic (such as: Teflon, PTEF, polymer materials). The ball is smaller than the rotational frictional resistance of the axle-neck bearing, so the temperature of friction will be low under the same rotational speed.
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